Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you like it!


Yesterday we decided that i am going to get me a website. We registred a name and today we began building it. It's much harder than i thought (blonde). It doesn't work as i hoped it would work, but hopefully we will get it done in a couple of days.

Pets! (and more)

One day until pets comes out in the US. Here in the Netherlands we have to wait until thursday Fronsen. Too long... way too long... I hope i'll be getting it a bit sooner, but lets wait and see...

On S2C there's a whole discussion about weather in TS2. Not sure yet if it's going to be a new EP after this one or if it's incorporated in Pets. I think it will be a whole new EP. More money to get for EA... But seriously, i would love to see weather, but only if it can be turned off too. Otherwise it would be too heavy on the low-end pc's. And lets face it, there are still a lot of people who play on low-end pc's. 

Pets has finally gotten me excited too. I wasn't excited for it at all, mainly because i couldn't see any movies (didn't have the proper program). But luckily hubby has put the right program on, so two days ago i watched the first Pets movies. It looks great (as always), but i'm sure there will be a lot of bugs and glitches again.

 I just hope all my hacks will work or will be updated soon. I really can't live without them...

Something else?

Been thinking about setting up my own site/blogsite. Just something i can really make my own, without being stuck to this lay-out. I want it different. I don't want everything right underneath each other, don't want all the different catagories through each other. Just something more neat and clean looking. Just have to find a host that isn't too expensive. Me = always broke  Geldgezicht

Not sure if i will do it, though. Let's wait and see. 

Hubby has been talking about it too. He wants to host our genealogysite there too. Maybe a good idea, but not sure yet. It's always money... I wish the world wouldn't rotate around money... 


Today i got a phonecall from one of my colleages. She asked my how my first day in the new family went, as the woman who stepped in for me didn't want to go back to that family again...

I told her exactly how i felt about it and told her i didn't like the way she treated me. She than told me they would go there to talk about this and hopefully she will do something about her attitude. I'm not confinced about it. I think she will get angry and totally move away from our company. Lets wait and see what happens next week...


*Note to self: Don't forget Barbers birthday, oct 23*

:( yes, i feel sorry for myself...

When i finished writing tuesday i went downstairs and suddenly my whole problem with going to this family again on thursday was solved. Halfway down the stairs i was standing on my right foot when i felt something snap in my knee. I felt this really sharp pain and suddenly i couldn't stand or walk anymore.

Wednesday i went to the doctor who told me i sprained my knee muscles and so i'm now walking with crutches. I can do nothing at all. My knee hurts, my hands hurt and the only thing i can do is play TS2. Too bad pets hasn't arrived yet Tong uitstekend.

I hope God will help me with my problem. I believe he already helped me by having me put to rest for now. I really need some time to think... I believe if it's not good for me to get back to this family, he won't send me there again.


I don't know if i can do this... Yesterday i had to work with a new family for the first time. They have three children, a girl of 16, a girl of 3 and a 1 year old boy. The mother of the family is someone who isn't as nice as i had hoped. She has had some less pleasant experiences with caretakers like i am. As soon as i walked in the door i had this feeling, like she doesn't want to give me a chance, she doesn't wantto like me. I did the best i could but she still made me feel like i didn't try hard enough.

The 3 year old girl has had a fair share of medical problems already end she hasn't developed as she should. She can't talk properly, but noone is trying to help with it! They don't do anything, just watch.

The 1 year old boy doesn't do much else than sleeping. He spends almost all day in bed. And i think that's horrible. A 1 year old kid should be around people, trying to walk and talk, but this boy isn't more than a three month old baby, who doesn't try to stand up, doesn't try to speak, nothing. I believe they should take him out more often, let him spend time with his family. 

I have mixed emotions about working there, and i'm not sure if i want to work there. I have to go there again on thursday and i hope i can shut the f**k up, because i so want to tell her what i think. But if i do that i'm afraid she is going to put me out of my job...

*what am i going to do?* 


Finally i have some time to post another blog.

I have been very busy lately. My dad and i have replaced all the tiles in our front- and back yard. My father in law was in hospital with a heart attack so i had to step in for my mother in law. And of course my work. It's very busy at the moment but i finally have three weeks vacation. Nice and relaxed Smile. Been looking forward to it.


I haven't ordered pets yet, but i'm planning on it. I really want it. It's funny to see how i always react the same way to an upcoming EP. First i think 'yeah, whatever', then i start to get a little bit excited, but when it's almost there i'm getting really excited and i can't wait to pre-order it.

Lucky for me there an online store who has it for a good price and it doesn't charge any shippingcosts, which makes it even more attractive. Also, they ship early, so i should have one or two days before it's in stores here. I haven't even got a clue when it's supposed to be in stores but i will find out before it's here. 

And again started a new neighbourhood.

Jay got around to put all of my sims 2 files back where they belong. But of course (EA...) everything messed up. All files were copied perfectly, but TS2 doesn' t like to be copied to other destinations, so i couldn' t do anything with my hood. I hate it, because the most gorgious sim i ever had born in game had just turned into an adult... And of course i couldn't package her without messing up another hood.

So i started over for the i don' t know how manieth time now. This is the first time i really felt sorry about loosing my simmies.

Gardening... UGH!

Today my parents in law visited and they wanted to do some gardening. We have a very small garden, but i managed to grow a lot of weeds in there. I quite liked them, but obviously my parents in law didn't... Mom bought us some plants (3) so it looks a bit better. (honestly, what' s wrong with nice weeds??). But it looks nicer, i have to agree with them. Of course i hate gardening and now i have blisters on my hands. I haven' t had them in a long time and i didn' t realise they hurt!

I hope i don' t have to do much gardening for the rest of the year.

*note to self: buy some low shrubs that stop the weeds from growing so you don' t have to do anything :P* 

New pc.

Today Jay finally soved all the problems with the new pc we bought. Of course it turned out to be a very simple solution to a variety of problems.

But all of my TS2 files are on a harddrive he didn't install again. Now i have to wait for him to get everything off that HD before i'll be able to play again. *sigh*. 

Almost done.

Finally, we're almost done. All big stuff is in place. Now i need to unpack a few more boxes. What a hassle. We thought we had enough time to get all the stuff out of our old place and over to our new place. Unfortunately it all had to go in about the last few days. I never knew we had so much stuff. Never knew the appartment was big enough to hold that much stuff. Of course keeping cupboards locked so the stuff doesn't fall out does the trick.

I so glad we are here now. It's much cooler, even though it's still warm. But hey, it's over 30 degrees C outside.  

We got it!

We went to look at the place yesterday. It was very, very dirty, but the rest looked okay. So we decided to go for it. Next thursday we will get the keys. So i won't be online as much as i used to be for the next 4 weeks at least. 

Yes, a house!

Today i went to pick up the mail when i saw this huge envelope from the renting company. I ran to Jay and opened the envelope.Immediately i saw something familiar, the adress of the house they have for us. Jay recognized it too. Turns out we can get his grandmothers house. She died two years ago and we always said we loved that house. And now we can get it!

We need to visit the people who live there now and see if there is anything they are willing to leave for us and how the house looks from the inside. When grandma lived there it was kind of old and shabby, and after she died they completely renovated the house. So we have no idea what it looks like. The person who lives there is a drugaddict (so we heard), so it could be very dirty. But not a problem, they will let it clean before we get the keys Lachend. I'm leaving now to pick up Jay and take a look at the house.

Tried again.

I've been to the renting company again today. Had something to ask and if they think "oh my god, there she is again" they might do something a little sooner. :D.

They won't say a word. Nothing. But we decided to start packing so we won't have to do a lot of that when we finally get a house. Which is hopefully very soon. 

Just double checking.

I have asked around a little more and everyone tells me the same thing. You should get a house really soon. Almost all had the new adress the same day, only one had it slightly later, because of some problems with the people who lived in that house before they got it.

My dad was here to go and visit our new house. He was surprised we didn't have a key. One of his co-workers and her boyfriend did get the key the same day, so he said it too. I really, really hope we get it next week (this week is impossible i think). 

Wait another few months?

We just got back from the renting company. We gave them all the papers they wanted and then they told us that it could take less then a week or a few months before they have a house for us. I hate this. A few months? HELLO!!! We need another house NOW! Not in a few months, NOW!!! Can't you see Jay can't take this much longer, are you that blind?! I think they are, because they can't do anything, according to them.

The good thing is, the house we saw isn't finished, so there is still a possibility we get that house. I've been to a couple of new people in this building and they all told me the same thing. Or they told them immediately they got a new house and where it was, or it took only a couple of days.

But the whole thing is draining my energy, and i want it to be finished. I want to move and get everything on track again. Not trying to cramp as much stuff in every corner and cupboard, but have enough space to live. Not having to wake up and see all the clutter in our bedroom. Our bedroom looks more like a dumpingground then an actual bedroom. I really hope we get a letter soon...

Our new house?

Of course we couldn't resist the urge to go to the streets where we told the renting company we want to live. Saturday we walked through the streets and discovered one house that already is empty. On sunday we checked it out again. I looked inside and saw it didn't have central heating yet.

 Today we went and looked again. Now we took a look at the backside of the house too. The garden looks lovely and mature. And they are working on central heating. At the front i saw they put in a new staircase and they are still working on it. I really hope we get the keys to this house. If we get it we are lucky. Inside it's a brandnew house. No trace of the people who left, everything newly painted and fitted. Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, stairs, everything. 

I really can't wait until thursday. Luckely we have the apointment early in the morning so we know quickly. If we get the keys right than we can try and move before the end of the month. We decided to lay down wood flooring all through the house. At first Jay was a bit nervous as it will take up a huge amount of our whole budget, but if we don't do it now, we won't have the money later. And when it's down we won't have to spend a penny on it for another few years, which will save money in the end. 


Today we got a letter from the renting company. They want us to bring all the papers for a new home. Finally there seems to be an end in this situation. I'm so happy! I asked a couple of people who came in this appartment building after the company started the new system and they all had the meys to their new house within a week. I hope it's the same with us. Let's wait and see!

Sharing CC.

I love building houses for my sims. I really like to build them the same way i would like my house to be. But it's hard to upload nice houses with only Maxis content. Everyone knows Maxis didn't do the best job in the world on the content of the game. But fortunately a lot of creators are really nice and let us share the content they made. Today i got permission to share Sunni sims curtains. I love those curtains and use them in every house i build. They are so much better than the Maxis ones.

I still have to check a few sites on their share policy, then i will make a list of all sites that allow me to share their content. And then (maybe) i will learn how to create my own walls and floors and recolors to share. But that's a long way ahead of me. I enjoy playing way too much to make my own content. And why would i? The first stuff won't be nearly as good as the stuff that is out there right now. But you have to start somewhere...


Right now i'm building this nice row of victorian style houses which will go perfectly in me Victorian Street idea. It contains 7 houses. All have a different style, some are extended, just like the real victorian houses nowadays. It will be an expensive lot, but i hope people will still like it. With the hack that allows you to have more people on one lot, this would be great for a bunch of families.

Just wait and check MTS2 for this lot. I will upload it in the next couple of days Smile.

The Family.

My romance sim (first generation) has recently turned into an elder. Syberspunk's risky woohoo mod only caused me a lot of trouble, so i had to delete it again. But in the end she had 4 kids, two girls and twin boys (Luke and Jake). The girls just ended college and the boys just began. The girls, Jackey and Daisey, founded a greek house. Soon they had many friends and members (gotta love the InSIM :D). One of the members was this really nice looking sim, who's in one of the houses on Sim State University. I don't know her english name, but in Dutch she's called Sjaan. I changed her name to Shawna and got her in the greek house too. She was the first to head of to my neighbourhood and she is going to marry Jake. Daisey is going to go in my main house too, she's a romance sim, just like her mom. That way they can both have kids and i can play on for several generations (if i don't decide to start over again...).